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Crypto coin promotion? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Crypto coin promotion is a tricky thing. However, if you do it smartly, you’ll be able to grab the attention of your potential audience and have them help you spread the word about your crypto coin. Here are some ideas to get people talking:

1. Regularly advertise on social media. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn are all great places to promote your new coin. The key to getting people talking is to use these sites regularly and engage with the user base of each site.

2. Create a video ad online. 

If you’re going to invest in creating a new coin, you should research advertisements from companies like Shutterstock or the internet’s biggest search engine Google . The best way to catch people’s attention is through replicas of images that contain text for the viewer to interpret through their own opinions about their understanding of how cryptographic coins work based on their knowledge within the digital world.

3. Partner with a high-profile individual.

If you’re really smart, you can partner with another person or company to spread the word about your new cryptocurrency. Your best bet is a celebrity or someone popular within your industry.

4. Set up a meetup for new crypto coin users.

If your coin just launched, set up a meetup for people to talk about the coin and how it works. If people are passionate about the new project, they will spread the word on their own through social media and elsewhere online. Website list is here.

5. Start a blog.

If there is a niche you can definitely take advantage of, blogging about your new crypto coin can be the best way to get people talking about your currency. Just make sure you’re writing quality content on a regular schedule with clever ideas that aren’t repetitive used over and over again. Be creative with how you use these methods if you want to make sure that people are talking about your coin for the right reasons.

6. Create an infographic and post it online.

An infographic can be very popular and after all, it’s not just something that’s readable and read online, but appears to be real as well . It’s a great way to make your crypto coin look more professional.

7. Have a Twitter account.

This is becoming more and more popular for people looking for unbiased opinions about the new digital currency they have just acquired or have been researching. If you have a strong voice, start tweeting regularly on your own account and hopefully people will choose to follow you and start talking about the coin that you represent through their thoughts and opinions about what’s best for their particular needs in the cryptocurrency world.

8. Post it all over social media sites.

If you have a number of people in your group or social network that are passionate about crypto currency, don’t hesitate to post your new coin all over the place. You can post on a variety of sites like Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn for seo service.

9. Use Bitcointalk to promote the offering of your new cryptocurrency.

You can use this forum site for comment on helping promote your new coin and hopefully get some assistance from the other users in helping spread the word about your new offering.

10. Word of mouth or social media posts help promote a crypto currency better than any kind of advertising promotion you could do online .

11. Make it look real with a fake video ad.

If you’re trying to sell a coin or just interested in promoting it, you can make an effective video using a site like Shutterstock and even the YouTube channel that offers you scripts of ads to use based on their decisions online. This is one of the best ways to get people talking about your coin and how good it could be for their needs online.

12. Have an online press conference.

If people want to know more about what’s going on with your currency, hold a live streaming press conference that lets them know more about the benefits of your cryptocurrency and why they should invest in it or spread the word to help you promote outside the digital world.


If you’re going to advertise your new coin online, it’s important to make sure that whatever you’re doing is high quality. Don’t just scream out loud about how great your currency is if it isn’t really any good. Make sure you have a great offering and know the ins and outs of how cryptographic coins work in the digital space with the help of token marketing. If you don’t understand it yourself, go online and research what’s needed to make sure that your currency is one that people will want to use on a regular basis. With a strong idea and a passion for what you do, you’ll be able to promote your currency in such a way that people will want to use it on their own.

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