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Decentraland- A 3D Virtual World Built On The Ethereum Network 

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  • What is decentraland 

The metaverse market is expanding and every day, new users explore this market. With new innovations and technology, it is becoming more and more accessible. Companies are investing millions of dollars towards converting the dream of the metaverse into reality. And one of such famous projects that has already achieved new heights in the realm of developing metaverses is Decentraland. This project allows users to buy and sell land in the metaverse.

What is Decentraland?

Decentralnd is a 3D dimensional ethereum based virtual world. Which provides users the opportunity to buy, sell and create virtual assets. Other than this, they can also engage in  various social and economic activities in the ecosystem. The most interesting part is that they can earn money in this metaverse by providing utilities. Such as buying land, building apartments on it and then renting or selling it. Which means they can earn money while enjoying the metaverse. Users can perform all these things using MANA, the native crypto currency of the Decentraland.

To become a part of this metaverse ecosystem, all users need to do is buy The MANA cryptocurrency. This metaverse is built on the Ethereum network. Decentraland is built on the principle of decentralization because it allows users to create assets for themselves. It just provides a platform for it. This is what the word decentraland itself mentions: it is composed of the two words decentra and land. 

Things to do in Decentraland

  • Real Estate 

It provides a great opportunity to earn with the help of real estate in the Decentraland. There are a wide variety of things that you can do in Decentraland that are related to real estate. With the use of it’s native cryptocurrency, MANA, users can not only buy, sell and rent land in the Decentraland. It has 90,601 plots of land, which are called parcels in the Decentraland. Users can buy these parcels, build structures on them, and then rent and earn through them.

  • Exploring the world

Decentraland has a lot of things that users can explore in this metaverse. They can not only build land in this metaverse but also explore a lot of things in it. For example, they can create a different social life in the metaverse. They can make new friends and interact with new people with the help of their avatar. They can even attend virtual concerts in Decentraland.

  • Gaming 

Decentraland also has a lot of games that the users can enjoy; one of the most famous of them is ICE Poker. This game allows users to experience poker very differently in the real metaverse. They can win real money in these games as well. Decentraland provides exciting rewards for participating in such games. These rewards include the Apple iPhone 14 pro max, Macbook pro, apple Headset, etc.

MANA token 

At the time of writing this article, the MANA token of the Decentraland is trading at $0.3642, with an all time high of 1312.04%. The market cap of this token is $689,619,179, which ranks it #57 as per market cap on coinmarketcap. The circulating supply of this token is 1,893,095,371 MANA, while the total supply is 2,193,179,327 MANA. The maximum supply is not capped. This token is used to buy and sell goods and real estate on the Decentraland.

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