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NFT Features That Led To The Evolution Of Top Arbitrum Markets

  • The NFT market continues to evolve, with innovative platforms like Double Protocol, NFTEarth, Unick, VIPE, and GumBall leading the charge. 
  • These platforms are reshaping the landscape by introducing unique features and approaches that cater to different aspects of the NFT ecosystem. 
  • From utility-focused NFTs to decentralized avatar marketplaces, NFT marketplaces on Arbitrum bring distinct flavors of innovation to the table. Let’s explore each of these platforms to uncover their transformative impact on the world of NFTs.

1. Double Protocol

The pioneering utility NFT marketplace Double Protocol, developed by the minds behind the ERC-4907 token standard, is making waves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Double Protocol departs from conventional NFT norms by emphasizing utility NFTs, which include in-game items, metaverse land, and profile picture (PFP) NFTs. With this change, users can lend, rent, and pay for utility NFTs, which adds new functionality and financial value. 

The Dual-Role function, which sets it apart from other NFTs, distinguishes between NFT owners and users and allows owners to make money by renting out their assets. By providing dynamic, multifaceted digital assets and reshaping the NFT landscape, Double Protocol is at the forefront of NFT innovation thanks to its commitment to decentralization and a strategic partnership with Shardeum.

2. NFTEarth

A dynamic decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), NFTEarth is dedicated to promoting the adoption of NFTs on layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum. NFTEarth, which focuses on Web3 technology, is optimistic about layer 2 scaling’s potential to transform NFTs. ‘Earthlings,’ its signature NFT creation, serves as the metaverse’s fulcrum. Since its launch in December 2022, NFTEarth has developed into a dynamic protocol that places a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability. 

Its potential is demonstrated by a partnership with Google Cloud for Startups Web3, and a 2023 roadmap outlines achievable development objectives, such as the expansion across layer 2 networks and the use of mobile apps. The Innovation Rewards System of NFTEarth develops talent and promotes a vibrant Web3 ecosystem. With the help of its community, NFTEarth hopes to influence the direction of decentralized technology and international digital citizenship.

3. Unick revolutionizes the NFT landscape as a multi-chain platform, uniting creators and enthusiasts across blockchains. With a marketplace aggregator, NFT launchpad, and unique Membership Card NFT, it fosters community engagement and empowerment. bridges blockchain networks, ushering in inclusivity and innovation in the NFT space.


VIPE is a pioneer in NFTs and focuses on an avatar market for gaming and the metaverse. It provides easy avatar trading, customization, and acquisition, promoting self-expression in virtual spaces. VIPE prioritizes high-quality avatars and empowers creators while fostering trust and community growth in the NFT ecosystem. It currently runs on Ethereum and Polygon, with plans to expand to Arbitrum and Optimism.

5. GumBall

GumBall Protocol is a groundbreaking NFT platform introducing liquid NFTs (gNFTs) with instant liquidity through a bonding curve. It eliminates the need for third-party marketplaces, enabling gNFTs to function as their own marketplace. Collection Tokens (GBTs) enhance DeFi composability, providing a seamless user experience and autonomy for creators and users in the NFT space.


These five cutting-edge platforms-Double Protocol, NFTEarth, Unick, VIPE, and GumBall-stand out as creative disruption models in the dynamic world of NFTs. Whether utility-focused NFTs, decentralized avatars, or liquid NFTs, each platform’s unique strategy resonates within the larger landscape. They collectively catalyze the ongoing transformation of the NFT universe by ushering in new paradigms of value, functionality, and accessibility. These platforms foster a more diverse, engaging, and forward-thinking NFT ecosystem by not only addressing current issues but also redefining potential outcomes. Their contributions stand out in this era of unheard-of digital creativity and promise to significantly influence the development of NFTs in the future.

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