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ApeNFT and Shiba Inu: Which Blockchain is Supreme?

  • Two blockchains, ApeNFT and Shiba Inu, continue to make big waves across the industry.
  • Innovative development goals planned to propel the growth of ApeNFT and Shiba Inu blockchain adoption.

Both ApeNFT and Shiba Inu, continue to attract people to their respective blockchains as they provide unique benefits. But when compared, people often confuse which blockchain is supreme. 

ApeNFT’s primary aim is to create a bridge between artists and blockchains. It is meant to bring in more opportunities and address the issues that might be persisting in the NFT market. In contrast, Shibarium is the name of Shiba Inu’s latest blockchain innovation, allowing it to move on from Ethereum. Nevertheless, to conclude which blockchain is superior to the other, keep reading this article until the end. 

A Detailed Overview of the ApeNFT Blockchain

On March 29, 2021, ApeNFT got official recognition in the emerging cryptocurrency nation, Singapore. People behind the development of ApeNFT mostly came from the background of renowned art institutions. Christie and Sotheby’s were two of those famous art institutions, alongside a few blockchain engineers and knowledgeable cryptography personnel. The whole ApeNFT network is supported by Ethereum and TRON’s blockchain technologies, while Bittorrent File System provides additional support. 

The goal behind the creation of ApeNFT was to bring about a transformation across the NFT marketplace. It would ensure a fair price for each digital artwork and make it transparent to investors. The decentralised digital currency of ApeNFT is NFT which provides holders with the right to vote and engage in community practices. 

Most ApeNFT tokens are securely stored in ERC-20 or TRC-20 smart contracts to protect against external attacks. Moreover, with ApeNFT, the registration of unique NFT artwork is simpler than with the on-chain part of NFTs. 

ApeNFT and Shiba Inu: Which Blockchain is Supreme?

Get an outlook on the Shiba Inu blockchain

Launched in 2020, Shiba Inu has been restricted due to Ethereum’s scalability issues. The correspondent’s exponentially high gas fees and slower transaction rate have only impeded the growth of Shiba Inu, which has further led to people being hesitant to invest in it. However, those problems could finally be resolved if Shibarium manages to meet its huge expectations. 

Shibarium wouldn’t be completely different from the Ethereum blockchain, as most of its features might still be retained. But compared to other blockchains, Shibarium follows a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which is highly energy efficient. In addition, with the creation of Shibarium, a permissionless bridge might be constructed from Ethereum and Shiba Inu, allowing easy transfer of Shiba Inu tokens between Ethereum to Shibarium without any lengthy processing period. To expand the Shiba Inu ecosystem and change the dynamism surrounding meme coins, Ryoshi created a new blockchain that might take some pressure from Ethereum.

ApeNFT and Shiba Inu: Which Blockchain is Supreme?


Both ApeNFT and Shiba Inu have unique advantages and disadvantages, making them different from one another. Nonetheless, when it comes to solving the issues underlying their respective blockchains, both require special attention. Thus, it is pretty difficult to determine which one is best out of the two.

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