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APENFT: Rise of the TRON’s Ecosystem and its Mainnet Launch

  • APENFT is a remarkable digital asset marketplace released on Tron Blockchain. 
  • This platform was introduced in April 2020, backed by one of the best distributed storage systems called BitTorrent File System (BTFS).

The APENFT graph has risen because of its unmatched additional features. It offers zero transaction fees at its initial stage, meanwhile providing features like extra royalty to the user on behalf of succeeding trades. Currently, non-fungible token (NFT) is a trending concept because of being purchased by big investors and celebrities as well. These NFTs are more than just assets nowadays, as they provide various earning opportunities to the crypto enthusiasts.

Introducing APENFT

Its aim is to establish a better digital asset marketplace for NFTs. Mainly,  with supporting and funding of the network to empower more transforming NFT development. They aspire to deploy their project over the Tron ecosystem, as APENFT is ready for its mainnet launch. 

Being developed on Tron, it’s very low-cost for development, meanwhile it possesses high speed and great scalability. This platform was mainly developed to be a marketplace using the Tron ecosystem as a foundation.  It provides a best place to bring conventional artists to blockchain, and become a digital artist. It also bridges the gap between buyers and sellers on the blockchain platform.

Enhanced Designing Features

APENFT’s competitive advantage of being a marketplace gives unmatched qualities to this platform. BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is one of the empowering features of it. Its development team also claims it to be the first NFT marketplace to inherit this system. BTFS provides a significant level of security for NFTs storage in this platform. 

There are lots of options out there for interacting with NFTs over blockchain, but APENFT provides the best solution to creators along with its zero-transaction fees. For minting of collection and purchasing NFTs, users must have Tron’s native token TRON which attracts individuals to be engaged over this platform and contribute towards the development of this ecosystem.

APENFT Airdrop

APENFT airdrop and Tron-DeFi participation is done,along with miners and holders of Tron token’s family (TRX,WIN,JST). Tron blockchain’s verified addresses can receive airdropped APENFT on behalf of their holdings without any additional action. This airdrop was completed as scheduled previously. 

As a result, the number of NFTs that were planned previously differs from the number of tokens that were actually airdropped. Tron blocks have achieved a height of 51.6 million till now. Talking about threshold, accounts with balance over or equal to 100 TRX, 1500 WIN and 100 JST received the airdropped NFT.

Encouraging Mainstream NFT Adoption

Talking about factors like multichain and interoperability, it’s being questioned how platforms like APENFT will consistently support adoption of mainstream NFTs. Creators can earn profit by resale commission via Tron standard functions like smart contracts for minting of NFTs. 

TronScan is one of the key components which provides the feature to authenticate or verify a published artwork. Additionally, it enables a sense of security with availability of auditing preferred NFT’s source contract by themselves. APENFT is revolutionizing the digital asset marketplace with its cost, speed, storage and security solutions.


The biggest thing we are going to see coming from the digital marketplace right now, is the rapid growth across the segment of NFTs. This platform is a great tool for traditional artists to access the features of blockchain along with NFTs and cross-collection of art funds. Tron is elevating APENFT for wider adoption across the marketplace.

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