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Bitcoin Mining: First Bitcoin Mining Pool In El Salvador

  • Bitcoin mining is the process of generating Bitcoin blocks. 
  • Mining pools include groups of people that ease the guessing of the hash process. 
  • EI Salvador launched the first Bitcoin mining pool as a Volcano Energy project. 

The Volcano Energy project is the first Bitcoin mining pool project launched by El Salvador. It is tapping into Luxor’s experience in providing Bitcoin mining software and services. 

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

In general, crypto mining is defined as the process of creating and adding a block of transactions to the blockchain network of the respective crypto coin. Bitcoin mining is the process of generating more bitcoins. There is a limit of 21 Million bitcoins, and currently, there are 16 Million bitcoins available in the market. 

In this process, miners get a highly complex computer-based cryptographic problem that gets harder and harder after each. Once the problem is solved, more blocks are added to generate bitcoin. This is the generation technique to increase bitcoins, just like the mining of diamonds and gold. There is one more way to get or increase Bitcoins, which is through exchanges for goods and services. It is an energy-intensive process. It can also be defined as the verification of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain by solving puzzles. 

The process is required to maintain the database or ledger of transactions on which Bitcoin is based. There is a term called ‘Target Hash’ which is defined as the number miners are determining or trying to solve to mine the bitcoin (or blocks to generate the bitcoin). There are three costs to mining Bitcoin: electricity, network infrastructure, and mining systems. Bitcoin mining is guesswork, where miners are guessing to come to the target hash before other miners can reach it. 

There are two types of mining: GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) mining. There can be three major issues with Bitcoin mining; scalability, energy use, and speed. Bitcoin mining is more like running a big data center where companies pay for electricity to run the process after purchasing mining hardware. 

Bitcoin Mining Pool And Example

Mining pools are generated to increase the chances of guesswork and as a result, if a particular mining pool succeeds in finding the hash, then the reward in the form of blocks of crypto coin is distributed among all the miners in that mining pool. Miners are free to change mining pools, and usually, crypto mining applications come with a mining pool and sometimes people create them online on their own. 

The first Bitcoin mining pool was officially launched by El Salvador as the Volcano Energy project through Lava Pool in partnership with Luxor Technology. This project mitigates market volatility through automated risk management strategies used by other major Bitcoin mining operators. 


Bitcoin mining pools are very beneficial for users as they help to find the hash easily. EI Salvador made the right decision to launch the first Bitcoin mining pool, as it helped automate risk management along with generating Bitcoins. 

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