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Can VeChain And Filecoin Pull A Reversal? Watchvestor’s Presale Draws More Investors

The Recent Crypto Market Trend Hasn’t Been Favorable To VeChain (VET) And Filecoin (FIL). The Rate The Coins Are Declining In Value Has Made Holders Worried. Some Are Curious About Whether The Coins Can Still Pull A Reversal. Meanwhile, Watchvestor’s (WVTR) Ongoing Token Presale Has Drawn More Investors Seeking To Benefit From The Project’s Unique Use Cases. In This Article, We Look At The Possibility Of A Bullish Reversal For Vechain And Filecoin And While Watchvestor Is Attracting Investors.

VeChain (VET) And Its Struggle In The Crypto Market

VeChain (VET) Is Famous For Its Internet Of Things (IoT) And Distributed Governance. The Versatile Smart Contract Platform Eliminates Common Hurdles Experienced By Major Industries Like Food & Beverage, Energy, Medical, And SDG Goals. VeChain Has Been Struggling To Survive The Ongoing Crypto Market Downturn.

In The Last 30 Days, The Coin Has Lost 17% Of Its Value, While The Coin’s Value Has Dropped Further By 4% In The Last 24 Hours. VeChain Is Currently Trading At $0.015. The 24-Hour Trading Volume Has, However, Surged By 38% To Stand At $45 Million Presently.

The Surge In The Trading Volume Could Mean That Investors Still Retain Confidence In The Project. Crypto Prediction Platforms Project That VET Could Reach $0.05 By December 2023. The Current Drop In Price Could Be A Result Of The General Crypto Market Downturn And Once The Market Bounces Back, There Is A High Chance Of A Reversal For VeChain Very Soon.

Can Filecoin (FIL) Pull A Reversal Very Soon?

Filecoin (FIL) Has Had Some Positive Moments This Year. On February 21, Filecoin’s Value Surged, Which Saw The Price Reach $8.5. However, In The Last 30 Days, The Price Has Dropped By 18% And In The Last 24 Hours, It Has Dropped Further By 7%.

The Coin Is Currently Trading At $3.48. The Current Decline Could Be Attributed To The General Cryptocurrency Market Crash, Which Has Seen Many Cryptos Lose Their Value.

However, Even In The Midst Of The Ongoing Turbulence, Filecoin Has Shown Resilience, With The Trading Volume Surging By A Whopping 68% To See A Market Return Of $190 Million In The Last 24 Hours.

The Impressive Trading Volume Shows That Investors Are Optimistic Of A Reversal Soon. Crypto Analysts Are Also Positive Of A Resurgence Soon. With A Reversal In View, Filecoin Price Could Rise Above The $8.5 Witnessed In February In The Coming Days.

Watchvestor (WVTR) Is Rejuvenating The Crypto Business Industry

Watchvestor (WVTR Will Collaborate With Luxury Watch Brands Like Patek, Richard Mille, And Rolex. For A Market Worth $42.21B In 2022, Watchvestor Will Help Everyday People  To Benefit From The Industry, Which Was Exclusively Reserved For The Rich.

These Real Luxurious Watches Have Been Minted Into NFTs. Investors Can Purchase A Fractional Or Whole NFT. With As Little As $10, Investors Can Purchase A Share Of A Luxury Watch Worth Up To $100,000..

The Possibility Of Fake Products Is Eliminated With The Use Of Serial Numbers And Certificates In The Metadata. As Such, The Watches Are Verifiable, Ensuring Transparency. The Token Comes With Several Benefits, Like Watch Concierge Club Fees Or Discounted Transactions.

The WVTR Token Is Currently In The Presale Phase, With The Token Trading At $0.03. Crypto Experts Have Projected A 12x Increase When Launched.

Find Out More On Watchvestor Presale

Website: Https://Watchvestor.Com/

Telegram Community: Https://T.Me/WatchvestorOfficial

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