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Fantom and STEPN: Overcoming Local Resistances and Streamlining Trades with Avorak AI

The two assets have shown the potential to significantly impact the digital world by providing solutions to certain challenges. Still, these assets have their own hiccups, such as the inability to overcome local resistance. Players like Avorak AI have been employed by traders and investors in streamlining crypto trading, especially with Fantom and STEPN crypto. 

What is Fantom Crypto?

Fantom is considered a high-performance platform that supports smart contracts, provides excellent security, and is highly scalable. The project targets revolutionizing the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) on other crypto assets. It employs a unique consensus algorithm called the Lachesis Protocol that favors faster transaction times and provides these services at lower fees compared to other traditional blockchain networks. It also implements the asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) consensus model, making it a secure and decentralized platform. However, recent reports explain that the project’s native token, FTM, has faced challenges in overcoming local resistance. Despite this issue, traders are still minting profits from its market trends using Avorak AI.

Insight on STEPN crypto

STEPN is a blockchain-based platform forged to support virtual wellness and fitness. It’s a crypto project created to reshape how people interact with the fitness industry. STEPN has its native token as GMT, and it leverages blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). 

The platform rewards its users for participating in physical activities, including simply walking a target distance or running. The rewards can be traded in the crypto market or redeemed for other digital services and products in the STEPN marketplace. Still, the project has faced resistance from local markets based on factors such as a need for more awareness and knowledge from potential users. 

Avorak Streamlining Trades 

Profitable trading requires access to real-time market information, the latest events on cryptocurrencies, and historical data. This makes it a challenging process for traders lacking appropriate trading tools. Avorak AI is useful when trading the crypto market as it provides this information in signals from or from its AI features, including the chatbot. 

The project implements AI technology and blockchain in providing its services, making it a uniquely effective platform. Traders invested in Fantom (FTM) or STEPN (GTM) can employ Avorak AI to streamline their trades despite resistance from local markets. This is possible through its highly profitable Avorak Trade features in trading cryptocurrencies. 

Avorak AI offers a user-friendly solution to trading Fantom and STEPN digital assets, as it can identify local resistance and give accurate insights from real-time information. As such, it’s possible to gain profits off the market. Traders can overcome the challenges in trading through the local resistance the assets face. 

Avorak allows traders to place automated trades that are also customized to their preferences. An example is the implementation of personalized strategies such as placing a trade, tagged by a specific amount and instructing the AI to enter the market when certain conditions are met. 

Traders can engage this tool in coming up with emotionless strategies that can be highly profitable in trading assets like FTM and GTM. They can also gain access to updated information on the assets and access an analysis report that allows them to understand the status of the market. Moreover, this will assist in effective decision making in trading cryptocurrencies. 


Fantom and STEPN have been facing local resistance, and this has made it difficult to trade the crypto assets. Still, it’s possible to be profitable in trading these assets using Avorak AI. It provides the best strategies in trading crypto as it offers accurate signals based on real-time insights and updated events in the crypto space. 

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