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Filecoin And Chiliz Gets Off To A Development Track As Pomerdoge Makes Market Favorable

Whether You Are Familiar With The Crypto Industry Or Not, If You Want To Invest In Cryptocurrencies, You Need To Do Some Critical Analysis. This Article Will Help You By Comparing Three Cryptocurrencies – Filecoin (FIL), Chiliz (CHZ), And Pomerdoge – On Different Parameters.

However, Experts Have Already Voted In Favor Of Pomerdoge, A New Project, And Their Reasons Look Viable.


  • Filecoin (FIL) Has Suffered A Price Drop Of 28% In The Past Month.
  • Chiliz (CHZ) Has Partnered With CBI To Increase Its Network Growth.
  • Pomerdoge Raises More Than $1.42 Million.

Filecoin (FIL) Launches A New Accelerator Program

The Prevailing Bearish Market Conditions Have Kept Filecoin (FIL) In The Red Zone For The Past Many Weeks. Subsequently, In The Past 30 Days, Filecoin’s (FIL) Price Has Fallen By A Staggering 28%. Thus, Filecoin (FIL) Is Trading At $3.33. To Address This Price Fall, Filecoin (FIL) Has Taken New Measures.

Recently, Filecoin (FIL) Joined Hands With LongHashX For A New Accelerator Program. Under This Program, Filecoin (FIL) Will Invite DApp Developers To Build On Its Network. Meanwhile, The Filecoin (FIL) Community Hopes That The Accelerator Program Will Increase Development Activity On The Network.

Chiliz (CHZ) Partners With CBI To Increase Network Growth

Since Mid-June, Chiliz (CHZ) Has Been Reeling On The Growth, And Price Charts. Therefore, All The Gains That Chiliz (CHZ) Made In The First Few Months Of 2023 Have Been Nullified. Notably, The Price Of Chiliz (CHZ) Has Suffered A Drop Of 18% In The Past Month. Thus, A Chiliz (CHZ) Token Is Currently Available To Change Hands At $0.0629.

Now, To Prevent Its Price From Falling Further, Chiliz (CHZ) Has Partnered With CBI. This Partnership Will Help Chiliz (CHZ) Develop An AI-Based 3D Interactive Entertainment Platform. Hence, Experts Hope That This Development Can Cause An Increase In The User Base, And Network Activity Of Chiliz (CHZ).

Investors Choose Pomerdoge For Better Gains

Making The Blockchain Gaming Industry More Attractive And Profitable, Pomerdoge, A New P2E (Play-To-Earn) Meme Coin, Has Entered The Crypto World. It Has Brought A New Sense Of Optimism Among Investors With Its Unique Business Roadmap, And Market Viability. Moreover, The Platform Is Expected To Surpass Pepe, Shiba Inu, And Dogecoin.

Developed By An Experienced Team, It Helps Players Across The Globe To Connect. It Has Combined The Best Features Of Meme Coins And Play-To-Earn Tokens. According To Some Reports, The Global Blockchain Gaming Market Can Reach More Than $1,020 Billion By 2032.

The Three Major Elements Of Its Ecosystem Are Pomerplace, Pomergame, And A Collection Of NFTs. In Pomergame, Users Get A Chance To Play, And Earn Money. They Can Also Create And Level Their Characters Up Through Customized In-Game Assets. Pomerplace Will Be Launched To Facilitate The Trading Activities Between Members. It Provides Players With A Platform Where They Can Buy, Sell, Or Trade Their Customized In-Game Assets.

The Project’s Whitepaper Notes That The Presale POMD Holders Will Get Exclusive Access To A Collection Of 7,777 NFTs.

The Platform Has Already Raised More Than $1.42 Million During The Ongoing Presale Round. Experts Believe That The Platform’s Market Value Can Balloon By 1,700% In The Presale Phase. At Present, The Presale Of POMD Tokens Is In Stage 1, And A Token Is Available To Buy At $0.009, A Surge Of About 30% From Its Initial Price Of $0.007.

More About POMD:

Website: Https://Pomerdoge.Com/

Telegram Community: Https://T.Me/Pomerdoge

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